Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shooting from the side window on a moving vehicle.

                   There are not many road junctions in the Syrian Desert . Vehicles are far in between. 
                   Here I managed to capture a road junction with a solitary car making a turn in a barren 
                  desert far away from civilisation. Less than two seconds to compose and shoot.

If you insist on taking a carefully composed landscape photo on a tripod with cable release, base ISO and aperture at f/8 or smaller - this is your nightmare. I am talking about taking photos on a moving vehicle through the side window. Maybe at 80 kmph or faster. Aperture almost wide open. At any ISO to maintain a shutter speed of 1/1000 sec or faster. Through tinted perspex screen with dust spots and reflections. Vibrations and shakes from vehicle. And worst of all you got less than two seconds to take your picture! Hesitate and you miss it. No second chance.

Considering the condition is far from ideal, image quality can be surprising good. All photos shown here are good enough for prints up to A3 size.

                  Innsbruck, Austria. This scene is more than 5 seconds. Enough to take several shots.
                  But have to shoot in between the trees while going downhill.

                   Medieval window and church at sunset in Heidelberg, Germany. I only got two seconds
                   to compose and shoot. It is only later that I noticed the top tip of the balcony is cutoff.
                   No second chance.

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